Special Education --
Become Empowered!

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) promises a free, appropriate public education to children who have difficulty learning due to a disability.

Children who are classified as disabled are entitled to receive a wide array of special education services to prepare them to lead productive and independent lives to the maximum extent possible.

To ensure that children receive what they need, the law anticipates that educational professionals, and anyone with knowledge about the child -- including the parents -- will work together to create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that will set forth the programs, related services, and goals designed to  meet the child's unique needs during the upcoming school year.

Despite these mandates, far too often parents are left to feel as if they have no voice in the formulation of their child's education program -- even though the parents know the child better than anybody. It is therefore imperative for parents to educate themselves on how to navigate the special education system to get what their child needs.

I represent parents only.  My clients benefit from the fact that I understand the ins and outs of how the school districts think and operate because I represented the largest school district in the country exclusively in special education matters.  I can help prepare you or represent you at a CSE meeting, or if necessary, I can represent you at an impartial hearing or appeal.

The school districts have attorneys to advise and represent them.   If you feel at a loss on how to get your child what he or she needs, then contact me to learn your rights and responsibilities in special education matters.  Knowledge is power!